Everything You Need To Know Padel Tennis

Everything You Need To Know Padel Tennis

Padel has many similarities to tennis, including a scoring system. Like tennis, it is played in doubles. Players begin each point by serving the opposing team. The serve must hit the other player’s court. Each player is allowed two serves per game. Padel in Dubai is played on a 20m-by-6-meter court. Unlike tennis, a Padel rally lasts much longer than a normal tennis rally. Players play the ball using a short carbon fiber racquet. They serve under the racquet and hit shots after the ball bounces off the walls. If you want to learn how to play padel, there are several things you should know. Let’s find out about these things.

STIGA padel rackets:

STIGA padel racket models are constructed with a carbon fiber frame made from an advanced carbon fiber blend. The composite material offers a lightweight, rigid frame without compromising speed. The frame is made of carbon fiber and Kevlar hybrid, resulting in a racket that offers a unique feel and increases speed. In addition, the racket features a special surface that improves the grip on the ball and spin.

Diamond-shaped padel rackets:

There are several benefits to buying diamond-shaped padel rackets. These rackets are often thicker and heavier, which will help you generate more power when hitting the ball. This will give you an advantage both in the offensive and defensive games. They will also absorb more vibration, which can help prevent injuries.

Padel courts:

Padel is a sport that requires a lot of fitness and physical stamina. The game is similar to tennis but with a shorter court size. The aim is to win two sets out of three. Players must work as a team to win the game. Players should be physically fit and have a great understanding of one another.

The game is played with a paddle and a special ball. The ball is slightly larger than a tennis ball. Players can play singles or doubles, with each team having three hits before returning the ball over the net.

Basic padel shots:

The most important shot in padel is the forehand volleyball. This shot allows you to keep the ball in play and gives you extra time to decide where to strike. When you use this shot, ensure your elbow is up and hit the ball as high as possible. In addition, it allows you to hit the ball over your opponent’s head.

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